ENTELAI: Artificial Intelligence in the Health Sector

How the use of artificial intelligence can help speed up times and optimize actions that influence people’s health.

The pandemic has generated a very significant impact on the health sector, with challenges to increase cost-efficiency, minimize physical interactions, and maintain income. The use of AI tools can contribute to these premises, either by optimizing the flow of information and service, as well as reducing unnecessary costs and processes.

Entelai Pic Covid-19

Entelai, wanted to make its solidarity contribution to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, adapting its Artificial Intelligence algorithms for chest radiography to detect suspected cases of Covid-19 versus other diagnosis. This is how they launch the support tool for the detection of suspected cases of Covid-19: Entelai Pic.

The tool should only be used by medical professionals at their discretion and responsibility. The images that are uploaded must not contain any type of identifiable information of the patient. Moreover, they are eliminated after being used in the analysis.
Nubiral provides the cloud infrastructure along with the maintenance and support necessary for efficient and seamless delivery. The smart diagnostics solution runs on AWS.


Precision and robustness.

Participation in high impact international studies.

Easy use and installation.

Process optimization.

The most advanced community of doctors and centers in LATAM.

Early detection of abnormalities.

Objective study interpretation.

Professional Services offered by Nubiral

Initial set up
Support for solutions

AWS Global Public Sector Partner Awards 2021 | Nubiral & EntelaI

Fabian Díaz Segovia, COO & CTO, Nubiral & Mauricio Farez, CEO & Co-founder, Entelai sit down with Natalie Erlich for the AWS Global Public Sector Partner Awards 2021..