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Prisma Cloud

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Prisma Cloud

Protect your resources in the Cloud with PRISMA CLOUD, redefining effective security and compliance management for today’s multi-cloud era.

What is Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks?

Prisma Cloud is a security and compliance service that dynamically discovers confidential data and resources in the cloud and subsequently detects risky configurations, network threats, suspicious user behavior, malware, data breaches and host vulnerabilities through GCP ™, AWS® and Azure®.
The ability to rapidly develop and deploy applications on a global scale has led to the rapid adoption of cloud infrastructure. Global IT security teams must use multiple management tools for greater visibility, context, and control, despite the strong sets of tools and capabilities offered by cloud service providers. 

Benefits of implementing Prisma Cloud

Access to full inventory of resources deployed in the cloud.
Quick prioritization and effective risk management.
Understanding the flow of network traffic through different cloud environments.
Simplicity of compliance management and audit reports.
Complete protection for Containers, Hosts (VMs) and Serverless Functions.
Security for DevOps.


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