The world of telecommunications has changed — the unlimited traffic demand, the growing trend towards mobility and the omni-channel connectivity of everyday objects will continue to increase, with the constant need to reduce costs and improve user response speed.

Our valuable proposal for this industry is about improving security and analyzing wide amounts of data to transform it into valuable business information by speeding up implementation of cloud-based solutions.


Nowadays, society demand constant and handy streaming content. This new lifestyle involves from few broadcasters to multiple broadcasters. 

Digital infrastructure investments costs, data analysis and customized cloud development are part of the challenges faced by the area, and Nubiral’s know-how allows to meet the challenge of changing and growing your business model.

Oil & Gas

OIL & GAS organizations not only face intense pressure and competition but also strive to streamline their operations. A solution to this is accurate DevOps practices combined with the migration of their systems to the cloud.

For mobile and multi-device solutions, as well as quick global integration; Nubiral can provide full-time highly-skilled teams to achieve these challenging goals. 

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Today, the omni-channel approach together with unified data centers and customer experience focus at any contact point, has led to the urgent need to redesign their processes.

Nubiral collaborates with expedited implementation of cloud-based infrastructures. Management focused on DevOps methodologies allows faster project development and constant advice to reduce costs and increase productivity and income. 


The healthcare industry has valuable data in the cloud. However, these companies must comply with multiple regulations and ensure strict security when processing information. For this reason, a DevOps approach to digital infrastructure management is highly beneficial to their operations.

Nubiral creates flexible solutions that reduces operating costs, and ensures information quality.

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Transportation & Logistics

With one hundred years of experience in technology, design and manufacturing; the implementation of a cloud- based systems with DevOps methodology can change the way these companies work.  Applying new collaborative mechanisms for IT operations together with developers can ensure quality and effectiveness during the software development service cycle.

Nubiral has an outstanding expertise to face any kind of projects in this industry.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has one hundred years of experience in technology, design and, most important, manufacturing. The implementation of a cloud- based systems, together with DevOps methodology, can change the way companies work, triggering new collaborative mechanisms for IT operations, developers, and quality assurance teams during the software development service cycle.

Getting these groups to work together hand in hand, is a major challenge in the automotives companies Dev-Ops and automatization. Therefore, it is important to highlight Nubiral’s high level performance in this area.

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The growing demand of industrial process automation, led by global hyper-competitiveness, and need of a quick market access, have a huge impact on the IT area requirements. 

Applied AI to machines and applications together with, automation processes and information analysis under real-time analytics platforms; allow the control of critical processes from any device and from any part of the world.


Resource scarcity, price volatility, human capital deficit, and increasing data volume are just some of the new challenges for the energy industry.

Nubiral helps companies to increase the accuracy of exploration, improve the productivity and safeness of utility service crews. 

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