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5 January, 2022

Main differences between Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Both concepts are often confused. How are they different and what are the characteristics that define each model?
Data lakeEbooksEBooks - Data & Innovation
10 January, 2022

Data Lake, a lake of opportunities

What is a data lake and what benefits does it propose? Keys to converting data into knowledge.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
27 September, 2021

Webinar | Sustainability and Innovation: The path to an efficient and sustainable operation

Specialists in Sustainability and Business discuss the environmental problems that affect our daily lives, in addition with the benefits that the preservation of natural resources bring to companies.
Tecnología y SaludPapers
13 December, 2021

Technology and Health, healing industry pains

A document that delves into how automation, artificial intelligence, and big data take health systems to a whole new level.



Maximiliano Giacri, CEO of Nubiral, reveals how the quarantine will impact in the software and digital transformation sector.

Sergio Mastrogiovanni, Head of data & Innovation at Nubiral, talks about Digital Transformation and the path to the New Normal.




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