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Amazon Well-Architected Framework

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Well Architected Framework

The Well-Architected framework enables cloud architects to create a secure, high-performance, resilient and efficient infrastructure for applications.

What is Amazon Well Architected Framework?

At Nubiral we help you optimize your AWS environment according to AWS best practices, showing you how to use AWS services and adopt the proven design principles of having a good architecture.
The Well-Architected Review will assess a specific and business-critical workload against the five pillars of the Well-Architected framework: Operational excellence, Reliability, Security, Performance efficiency and Cost optimization.

5 Pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework

The five pillars of the framework provide guidance for implementing scalable designs that meet the needs of your applications.

Operational excellence

Execution and monitoring of systems to deliver business value and continually improve processes and procedures. Key topics include managing and automating change, responding to events, and defining standards to successfully manage day-to-day operations.


Reliability focuses on the ability to quickly prevent and recover from failures to meet business demand. Key topics include fundamentals on setup, planning for recovery of cross project requirements, and how to handle


The security pillar focuses on protecting information and systems. Key topics include
confidentiality and data integrity, identifying and managing who can do what actions with administration of privileges, protection systems and establishment of security controls.

Performance efficiency

The performance efficiency pillar focuses on the smart use of IT computing. Plus, it enables you to monitor performance and make informed decisions to stay efficient as business needs evolve.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization focuses on avoiding unnecessary expenses.
Key issues include understanding and controlling where money is spent, selecting the most appropriate amount and types of resources; analyzing spend over time and scaling to meet business needs.

AWS Well-Architected Framework plans

At Nubiral we understand that each client’s priorities are different, so we can adapt the program according to your needs.

Choose a plan according to your priorities!


Based on the customer’s priority, either pillar will be selected for review. It will be a one day activity: 8 hours of remediation support will be provided.


For architectures with a monthly expense of US $ 1-5000, 2 days of deep analysis and review of the architecture + 8 days of remote remediation are delivered by a Nubiral expert.


For architectures with a monthly expense of US $ 5000-20000, 3 days of deep analysis and review of the architecture + 20 days of remote remediation are delivered by a Nubiral expert.

How does AWS Well-Architected Framework work?

We have extensive experience in delivering well-designed reviews and implementing best practices to accelerate the evolution of applications and therefore maximize the use of the AWS cloud.

We will also partner with your commercial teams to transform your applications and help you prioritize your next steps for the digital transformation of your business.



Identify the load and scope of work. In addition, knowing the stakeholders and understanding the context and business.


In-depth review by a specialist in conjunction with customer stakeholders in both IT and business context.


The Well-Architected report will be presented with the current and desired state of architecture with severity categorization.


A summary of the report and customer approvals will be generated for the remediation milestones.


Critical issues found during discovery are corrected. Problems and deficiencies are fixed.


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