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Data lakeEbooksEBooks - Data & Innovation
10 January, 2022

Data Lake, a lake of opportunities

What is a data lake and what benefits does it propose? Keys to converting data into knowledge.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
5 January, 2022

Main differences between Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Both concepts are often confused. How are they different and what are the characteristics that define each model?
On-premiseBlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
21 December, 2021

On-Premise VS Cloud

Dive into the following article to understand all the issues involved in the historic dilemma of on-premise tools vs. cloud.
EbooksEbooks - DevOps & Cloud
16 December, 2021

Agile & DevOps

A review of the meanings of each of these concepts, how they integrate with each other and what benefits they bring.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
7 December, 2021

Agility in IT projects: Drivers and obstacles

The importance of responding with speed, flexibility and resilience in these highly changing times.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
23 November, 2021

Connecting the dots: the importance of predictive analytics

A deep knowledge of the available data allows not only to know what happened and what is happening at a certain moment in the company, but also to anticipate future…
modernización de sistemas heredadosBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
9 November, 2021

Legacy Systems Modernization: Back to the Future

Sometimes legacy systems can be a roadblock on the path to digital transformation. But in no case it is an insuperable barrier.
BlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
26 October, 2021

Cloud migration: a guide with the best strategies

How to take the first steps and minimize the risks when embracing an infrastructure strategy based on the cloud model.
digitalizaciónBlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
14 October, 2021

Stages of a successful cloud migration

A well-designed cloud platform can easily transform the way of doing business.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
30 September, 2021

Data lake: from data to ideas

An initial look at these centralized data repositories that allow you to quickly obtain business analysis and understand the world from a data perspective.
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27 September, 2021

Webinar | Sustainability and Innovation: The path to an efficient and sustainable operation

Specialists in Sustainability and Business discuss the environmental problems that affect our daily lives, in addition with the benefits that the preservation of natural resources bring to companies.
big dataEbooksEBooks - Data & Innovation
20 September, 2021

Benefits of Big Data

How the capture, analysis and interpretation of large volumes of data positively impacts the way we attract and retain customers, gain efficiency and become more competitive.