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Cognitive Services for the Health Industry.



To access reliable information and give quick answers.
To offer agility and authenticity for patients.
To provide accessibility in a close and safe way.
To reduce operational costs.
To unify the documentation and clinical history from one same channel.
To eliminate points of failure and human error throughout their operations.


HealthBot is  a virtual channel of support that uses cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence, in order to optimize and speed up the times of health institutions: clinics, hospitals or health care centers. In this way, the staff of these institutions can focus on more complex tasks that involve human participation.
Among its benefits, patients can make an appointment in the morning, even if they show the first symptoms late at night. They can also access information, suggestions and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to improve your health.
During the bot development, doctors and healthcare providers can incorporate basic FAQs so that visitors and patients get the information they need.
They can also schedule follow-up appointments using a patient’s reservation history, send reminders about upcoming appointments, manage their medical orders and prescriptions, and even manage payments.
HealthBot will chat with patients in a friendly, humane and personalized way.


Inexpensive and easy to add to the website.

Response delay in just seconds.

Automatic, fast and easy scheduling of medical appointments.

24/7 attention: interactions every day, at any time and from anywhere.

Avoid having to ask questions and routine tasks.


Assignment and confirmation of service shifts with validation of credentials.

Personalized questions providing 24/7 assistance.

Payment management. Billing.

Management of documentation and medical studies.

Video calls
with professionals.

Automatization of routine tasks.


Chatbots and virtual agents

Systems that can interpret voices or texts freely to provide predefined standard responses.

Intelligent Automation

With the support of Artificial Intelligence, it allows optimizing processes to reduce operating cycles.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Learning algorithms that analyze information unstructured.

Machine Learning (ML)

Systems that learn through variations in advance, assimilating learnings from data and decisions.


An emergencies care center could have HealthBot act as a symptom checker, asking users about the health problem they are facing and recommending whether they should seek care at the clinic.
A health organization could use the bot to disseminate important details about vaccines or epidemics.
A therapist’s office could configure the artificial intelligence bot to act as a listening ear for users who need to speak, offering tips and advice between sessions.
A health insurance company may help customers find in-network providers near them based on city or zip code. It may also answer questions about claims and coverage.
A dentist could configure HealthBot to allow users to schedule their next appointment.
A medical spa could use HealthBot to generate leads. The bot could attract new prospects, ask them questions to understand their requirements and offer them the best service.

Success Cases

Needs | The clinic needed to improve average time care for patients at the same time they lower their costs and times of routine administrative tasks that can be automated by software (of process automation).

Nubiral Solution | A chatbot is implemented through WhatsApp to allow the efficient and automatic scheduling of appointments for virtual consultations while streamlining the loading and back office work of assigned secretaries. In addition, it includes cognitive services that interact in an ¨intelligent¨ way, and are connected with the current administrative systems of the client, without having to make major modifications.

Results | It was possible to improve the average time of attention to patients by 70%, and lower dedication costs from administrative staff to routine tasks at 50%.


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