As ZABBIX Certified Partners, we scale to environments with thousands of items monitored simultaneously.
We also capture data of systems and applications over time to make proactive decisions and to anticipate disruptions in business services.


Supported by our partners Zabbix and Elastica, we combine monitoring tools with data and analytics to provide not only eyes, but also brains to monitor, report and prevent outages, performance
degradattion and extra charges on our customers cloud infrastructure and applications.
We use Zabbix customized by our Engineers plus ELK and Kafka for real time analytics and actions.


Zabbix was established in 2005 to provide expert technical support services. Zabbix LLC is based in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Zabbix LLC’s core scope of work is the development of open source software for network and application monitoring. The company offers a wide range of professional services designed to suit each client’s unique business demands, including implementation, integration, custom development, and consulting services, along with various training programs.


telecommunicationsCase Study - AWSCase Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
10 January, 2022

Migration to the cloud and infrastructure monitoring

Leading communications company reduces handwork by 40%, improving its daily operations through the correct use of Zabbix.
Case Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
30 November, 2020

Network traffic monitoring and Netflow analysis via Zabbix

Reduction of administration costs by 30% by applying a network traffic monitoring solution by Zabbix that allowed filtering unwanted traffic and optimizing bandwidths.
Cloud ServicesCase Study - AWSCase Study - ZabbixDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Migration to the cloud and infrastructure monitoring

Leader in Telecommunications and Entertainment reduces its support costs by 30% by migrating its local infrastructure application to AWS.
Case Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
18 October, 2020

Platform Optimization with Managed Services Model

The Navent company is provided with a tool that efficiently manages early responses to incidents reported on the monitoring platform.

Business without interruptions: Why Infrastructure Monitoring Is Increasingly Important

The acceleration of digital transformation makes this practice essential to guarantee business continuity, among other benefits.

Stages of a successful cloud migration

A well-designed cloud platform can easily transform the way of doing business.