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30 November, 2020

Health insurance

Reduce fraud losses.
Case Study - MicrosoftDATA & INNOVATION
30 November, 2020


Creation of personalized virtual workspaces, personalized classes and more.
Automatización de procesos con AWSDATA & INNOVATION
30 November, 2020

Retail company

It allows automating processes.
Automatización de ProcesosDATA & INNOVATION
20 October, 2020

Food Beverage Industry

Reduce 25% logistic costs.
19 October, 2020

Exporting coffee company

Training in Innovation and Continuous Improvement for the company staff.


DevOps & Cloud
26 October, 2020

Argentine State Society

Reengineering of the company's datacenter in order to implement the new structured cabling.
Case Study - MicrosoftDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020


Update of the current data model.
Cloud ServicesCase Study - AWSCase Study - ZabbixDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Telecommunications and Entertainment Company

Low support costs by 30%.
kubernetesDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Entertainment Multinational

Entertainment Multinational reduces idle times by 90%.
Case Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Financial Services Company

Delployment of the Core Banking of the platform.
analyticsCase Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020


It provides a fault tolerance platform.
Case Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
18 October, 2020

Emergencias Company

The existing architecture was redesigned to take advantage of the ease of AWS managed services.
Case Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
1 October, 2020

Almacén de Pizzas

IT costs optimization of 35%.


Case Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
30 November, 2020

Retail Appliances leader

Low their administration costs by 30% per year.
20 October, 2020

Telecommunications Company

Optimize the service to clients.
arquitectura de redIT CONSULTING
18 October, 2020

AXA Assurances

Operators productivity raised up to 30% while reducing operational costs.
Case Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
18 October, 2020


It guaranteed an improvement in the quality of the service provided to customers.