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DevOps & Cloud
26 October, 2020

Argentine State Society

Reengineering of the company's datacenter in order to implement the new structured cabling.
Case Study - MicrosoftDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020


Update of the current data model.
Cloud ServicesCase Study - AWSCase Study - ZabbixDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Migration to the cloud and infrastructure monitoring

Leader in Telecommunications and Entertainment reduces its support costs by 30% by migrating its local infrastructure application to AWS.
kubernetesDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Entertainment Multinational

Entertainment Multinational reduces idle times by 90%.
Case Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Migration deployment of Core Banking hosted in the AWS cloud

Fintech deploys the Core Banking of its platform allowing the integration of new services in an effective and easy way.
analyticsCase Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
20 October, 2020

Secured Fintech platform with EC2, Redis Flavor and Aurora Postgres

Fintech company achieves a platform that meets the necessary requirements in terms of security and high availability.
Case Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
18 October, 2020

New scalable services in the AWS cloud

Emergencias, a leading company in health and wellness management in Argentina, manages to redesign its existing architecture to take advantage of the ease of managed services of AWS.
Case Study - AWSDevOps & Cloud
1 October, 2020

Cost optimization and infrastructure maintenance

Amazon EC2 migration with Windows Server 2012 and MSSQL database. Disaster recovery solutions in cloud infrastructure with Amazon.


30 November, 2020

Analytics platform for fraud detection

The client reduces its losses caused by scams with a near-realtime platform that analyzes consumption patterns to detect fraud and / or trends.
Case Study - MicrosoftDATA & INNOVATION
30 November, 2020


Creation of personalized virtual workspaces, personalized classes and more.
Automatización de procesos con AWSCase Study - AWSDATA & INNOVATION
30 November, 2020

Retail company

It allows automating processes.
Automatización de ProcesosCase Study - AWSDATA & INNOVATION
20 October, 2020

Food Beverage Industry

Reduce 25% logistic costs.
19 October, 2020

Business Workshop on Digital Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Exportadora de Café California trains its staff in the main technologies that make up any digital transformation process: Six Sigma, Big Data, Analytics, Process Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


telecommunicationsCase Study - AWSCase Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
10 January, 2022

Migration to the cloud and infrastructure monitoring

Leading communications company reduces handwork by 40%, improving its daily operations through the correct use of Zabbix.
Case Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
30 November, 2020

Network traffic monitoring and Netflow analysis via Zabbix

Reduction of administration costs by 30% by applying a network traffic monitoring solution by Zabbix that allowed filtering unwanted traffic and optimizing bandwidths.
20 October, 2020

Services Optimization with Monitoring tools

Global Telecommunications Company optimizes its service with monitoring tools that prevent the outage of equipment and services on its video streaming platform.
arquitectura de redIT CONSULTING
18 October, 2020

Optimal performance with Azure architecture

AXA ASSISTANCE increases the productivity of its operators by 30%, improving its customer service and reducing its operating costs with a PCI-DSS model.
Case Study - ZabbixIT CONSULTING
18 October, 2020

Platform Optimization with Managed Services Model

The Navent company is provided with a tool that efficiently manages early responses to incidents reported on the monitoring platform.