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agilidad empresarial en los negociosBlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
7 December, 2022

Five benefits of applying enterprise agility in business

Born as a paradigm to create digital products more efficiently, today this concept impacts and proposes improvements for all areas.
MetaversoBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
23 November, 2022

How will the Metaverse impact our lives?

Some estimates believe that there will be a change in the way we work, interact and entertain ourselves, changes that are even more significant than the impact of the Internet.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
9 November, 2022

A dive into the deep waters of machine learning

Deep learning seeks to mimic the behavior of the human brain through a network of artificial neurons and correction processes based on errors.
scale-upBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
26 October, 2022

From start-up to scale-up: how to accompany growth with innovation

Digital transformation offers numerous challenges for companies that are about to reach a maturity leap. What are the keys to successfully move forward?
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
12 October, 2022

The 5G revolution: how it will impact business and everyday life

This new technology promises unprecedented levels of speed and would enable a new generation of real-time applications without limits or obstacles.
DataOpsBlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
28 September, 2022

DataOps: optimal data for the age of intelligence

Following the agile principles of DevOps, this methodology seeks to optimize data management, improve the quality of analysis and align data solutions with business needs.
Una mirada sobre el mundo criptoBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
14 September, 2022

Into the crypto world

Volatility, growing interest, supply multiplication, regulations… Cryptocurrency is evolving at great speed.
Video analyticsBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
31 August, 2022

Video analytics: an intelligent look at images

With the support of artificial intelligence, it is possible to obtain information for decision-making from huge amounts of images captured on video: from abnormal or suspicious movements to the behavioral…
IoEBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
17 August, 2022

IoE: Connections without limits

The concept of the internet of everything begins to gain space. How this philosophy that proposes a significant and relevant connection among people, processes, data and devices is going to…
cxBlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
3 August, 2022

The cloud: an ally to improve customer experience

When CX initiatives are supported by the cloud model, the ability to develop omnichannel strategies, personalize dealings with consumers and deliver stimulating interactions is enhanced.
healthbotBlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
20 July, 2022

When robots take care of us

Applications of robotics in the health industry are numerous, and we are just seeing their first approximations.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
6 July, 2022

Sustainability and innovation: when technology enables a better future

From artificial intelligence to the cloud, and from hyper-automation to analytical tools, data offers enormous possibilities to embark on a responsible and respectful path with our environment.
BlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
22 June, 2022

Nanotechnology: simple solutions

A look at the world where big problems are solved on a small scale.
BlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
8 June, 2022

High performance computing, to the cloud

The numbers behind a phenomenon that grows day by day and the underlying technologies that make the exchange of virtual money possible.
OTT y contenidos on demand: la innovación detrás del fenómenoBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
25 May, 2022

OTT and On Demand content: the innovation behind this phenomenon

The consumption of audiovisual content changed forever. Here is a look at the business models and technologies that make them possible.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
11 May, 2022

Trends: Cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Find out about the numbers behind a phenomenon that grows every day and the underlying technologies that make the exchange of virtual money possible.
data and futureBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
27 April, 2022

Can data help us build a better future?

The application of analytical tools, big data and artificial intelligence, among other technologies, promises a more sustainable planet, a more innovative society and a better quality of life.
chatbot-IABlogBlog – Data & Innovation
13 April, 2022

Bots in customer service: an increasingly smart service

The addition of cognitive technologies and new features to chatbots and virtual assistants promises an exponentially improved customer experience.
fintechBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
30 March, 2022

Finances get smarter

Companies in the financial industry are increasingly using artificial intelligence to redefine their offer, their relationship with customers and even their business models.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
16 March, 2022

First steps for an automation strategy

Choosing the right processes and moving forward with a step-by-step strategy, with low risk and quick results, are two key recommendations when starting this journey.
Fabricación inteligenteBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
2 March, 2022

Intelligent manufacturing

An overview of how artificial intelligence is transforming the manufacturing industry forever and for the better.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
16 February, 2022

Connecting the dots: the importance of predictive analytics tools

A deep knowledge of the available data allows not only to know what happened and what is happening at a certain moment in the company, but also to anticipate future…
healthbotBlogBlog – DevOps & CloudConnect DevOps & APP Evolution
10 February, 2022

Cuando los robots nos cuidan la salud

Las aplicaciones de la robótica en el ámbito sanitario son muy numerosas. Y recién se están viendo sus primeras aproximaciones.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
2 February, 2022

Agility in IT projects: what drives it, what obstructs it

The importance of responding with speed, flexibility and resilience in highly changing times
BlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
19 January, 2022

Business without interruptions: Why Infrastructure Monitoring Is Increasingly Important

The acceleration of digital transformation makes this practice essential to guarantee business continuity, among other benefits.
On-premiseBlogBlog – DevOps & CloudConnect DevOps & APP Evolution
21 December, 2021

On-Premise VS Cloud

Dive into the following article to understand all the issues involved in the historic dilemma of on-premise tools vs. cloud.
modernización de sistemas heredadosBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
9 November, 2021

Legacy Systems Modernization: Back to the Future

Sometimes legacy systems can be a roadblock on the path to digital transformation. But in no case it is an insuperable barrier.
BlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
26 October, 2021

Cloud migration: a guide with the best strategies

How to take the first steps and minimize the risks when embracing an infrastructure strategy based on the cloud model.
digitalizaciónBlogBlog – DevOps & CloudConnect DevOps & APP Evolution
14 October, 2021

Stages of a successful cloud migration

A well-designed cloud platform can easily transform the way of doing business.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
30 September, 2021

Data lake: from data to ideas

An initial look at these centralized data repositories that allow you to quickly obtain business analysis and understand the world from a data perspective.
BlogBlog – DevOps & Cloud
16 September, 2021

10 advantages of implementing DevOps

Successful digital transformation work requires speed and agility, and that's why DevOps is a perfect fit.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
2 September, 2021

Big data in telecommunications: the benefit of listening to the customer

With massive amounts of consumers, companies have a true oil of data to direct their actions, improve their proposals and increase the loyalty of their users.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
19 August, 2021

Big data and manufacturing: at the heart of Industry 4.0

From optimizing production processes to timely delivery, data is the pillar where the factories of the future stand.
E-BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
5 August, 2021

Big data in retail: total gratification, maximum profitability

This technology provides a depth knowledge of customers to be reached with a perfectly personalized offer and experience.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
22 July, 2021

Big Data applied: much more than just a very large set of data

Four examples where the analysis of huge volumes of data can positively impact healthcare, telecommunications, logistics, retail, manufacturing and finance organizations.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
8 July, 2021

Big data in logistics: anytime, anywhere

Based on data analysis, companies in this industry can optimize their routes, increase the efficiency of their businesses and contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.
cloud servicesBlogBlog – Data & Innovation
17 June, 2021

Big data and financial services

From minimizing risk levels to generating customized products and services, this industry finds significant benefits in managing huge volumes of data.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
2 June, 2021

How Intelligence Forecasting can change your business

Having information in advance can make a huge difference in anticipating events and providing better service to your clients.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
20 May, 2021

Cognitive technologies: more intelligence, better attention

The incorporation of new AI technologies into the world of chatbots and virtual assistants optimizes efficiency and improves the results in the interactions with customers.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
3 May, 2021

When managing data is a healthy practice

Big data applications in the healthcare industry not only generate efficiencies in the sector, they also help improve the quality of life.
19 April, 2021

Agile and DevOps: Enemies or Complementary?

The two methodologies, combined, could empower the development of flexible applications with high speed, high quality and high performance.
BlogBlog – Data & Innovation
5 April, 2021

Is your company data driven?

Data allows us to reach more accurate conclusions and can be a great differential in the business world.

¿Qué es Servicios Administrados. DevOps+?

Servicios Administrados DevOps+ es un equipo de especialistas conformado por Arquitectos, DevOps y SysAdmins expertos en tecnología Cloud y on-premise.

A través de nuestros servicios de consultoría, soluciones, monitoreo y servicios administrados, nuestros clientes incorporan la tecnología de nube a su negocio para hacer más eficiente su operación.

Razones para confiar en Servicios Administrados. DevOps+


Equipo de especialistas disponible conformado por Arquitectos, DevOps y SysAdmins expertos en tecnología cloud y on-premise. A través de nuestros servicios de consultoría, soluciones, monitoreo y servicios administrados, nuestros clientes incorporan la tecnología de nube a su negocio para hacer más eficiente su operación.


El foco de operaciones en un rol DevOps se centra en hacer que los cambios en la infraestructura sucedan de manera más confiable, más frecuente y con especial atención hacia la automatización de cambios.

Mejores Prácticas

Durante cada etapa del proyecto se brinda soporte y asesoramiento, asegurando que desde el diseño y migración, hasta la implementación y posterior operación, se aplican las recomendaciones necesarias para obtener todas las ventajas de los servicios Cloud, en entornos de desarrollo y productivos.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios de Servicios Administrados. DevOps+?

Servicios sofisticados de consultoría, focal points y project management, para proponer soluciones tecnológicas que ayuden a mejorar la operación y continuidad del negocio de nuestros clientes.

Solución integral que brinda beneficios en todas las áreas de IT de las empresas. desde el desarrollo de software hasta el mantenimiento de infraestructura y aplicaciones que permiten asegurar la operación de nuestros clientes.

Reducción de costos operativos y de infraestructura tecnológica. Mejora de los niveles de disponibilidad y seguridad de la infraestructura informática del cliente. Mejoras en los procesos de desarrollo de las aplicaciones del cliente. Reducción de riesgos operativos. Disponer de una plataforma de alta tecnología confiable.

¿Cuáles son las aplicaciones de Servicios Administrados. DevOps+?

Migraciones a la nube

Llevamos aplicaciones, bases de datos y el negocio de nuestros clientes a la nube. Lift & Shift / Replatform

Infraestructura en la Nube IaaS, PaaS, Serverless

Ayudamos a seleccionar la mejor tecnología basado en las necesidades del cliente.


Expertos certificados ayudan a nuestros clientes en todo el ciclo de desarrollo de aplicaciones, integración de Código, y automatización de Deploys.

¡Innova con nosotros!