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WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
27 September, 2021

Webinar | Sustainability and Innovation: The path to an efficient and sustainable operation

Specialists in Sustainability and Business discuss the environmental problems that affect our daily lives, in addition with the benefits that the preservation of natural resources bring to companies.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
27 August, 2021

Cycle of Webinars | Session 5: Big Data & Analytics

Introduction to systems that capture, store and use data for correct decision making.
inteligencia artificialWebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
23 July, 2021

Cycle of Webinars | Session 4: Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to discover the existing predictive models to plan scenarios? We invite you to watch this webinar to clear up your doubts.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
25 June, 2021

Cycle of Webinars | Session 3: Storytelling with Data

Discover how to communicate insights from data, involving visualization and narrative to generate positive changes.
AnalyticsWebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
26 May, 2021

Cycle of Webinars | Session 2: Predictive Analytics

The importance of predictive and prescriptive tools to connect the dots.
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
26 April, 2021

Cycle of Webinars | Session 1: Data & Innovation

A talk that exposes the need to digitally transform and reconvert business processes.
CloudWebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
16 March, 2021

Webinar | Cloud Environments: Security and Government

New security concept integrated into DevOps and focused on new applications and environments.
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
30 November, 2020

Open Talks Experts | Finance 4.0: Artificial Intelligence

Listen to the expert in Digital Transformation: Sergio Mastrogiovanni.
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
27 November, 2020

Prisma Cloud Cybercrime Webinar

How to secure API environments?
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
24 November, 2020

AWS Webinar: It’s Time to Migrate!

The journey to the cloud, the main business drivers, migration strategies and actions to get started.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
19 November, 2020

Webinar AWS: Intelligent Forecasting

The path to a predictable operation.
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
18 November, 2020

Webinar AWS Data Lakes

Data lakes compared to the speed of content generation, are essential to transform data into ideas within any company.
ciberseguridad webinarsWebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
15 October, 2020

Fintech Webinar | Cybersecurity

Fintech cycle organized together with the Argentine Chamber of Fintech, Palo Alto Networks and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
11 October, 2020

Open Talks Experts | Nubiral & Palo Alto Networks

Technology and security in business, the keys to the "new normal".
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
30 September, 2020

Webinar | The power of Intelligent Automation

Personalized technological solutions that will accompany your organization to be more agile, efficient and innovative.
WebinarsWebinars - IT Consulting
17 August, 2020

Webinar Agile Methodologies in Business

Online event about agile methodologies, their approaches and their importance in the work dynamics of any company.
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
2 August, 2020

Webinar | Artificial Intelligence in the Health Industry

Use cases and potential implementations of Artificial Intelligence in the health sector together with AWS and Entelai.
WebinarsWebinars - IT Consulting
18 July, 2020

Tools for remote work.

Webinar about the collaborative tools available for an effective communication channel and operational continuity.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
16 June, 2020

Industries 4.0: Technological revolution to compete

Technologies that enhance industrial, technological and economic development, generating accelerated changes.
amazon web servicesWebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
2 June, 2020

AWS CodePipeline

Technical Webinar that shows the concepts and demo of the Integration and Continuous Deployment solution of Amazon Web Services.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
24 May, 2020

To be digital or not to be, that is the question.

Technology as an ally in the new challenges exposed by the pandemic.
WebinarsWebinars - DevOps & Cloud
2 May, 2020

Monitoring and Security in the Cloud with Prisma Cloud

Introducing the world's leading platform for integrated security, Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks.
WebinarsWebinars - Data & Innovation
13 April, 2020

Digital Transformation: Road to the New Normal

Technology and innovation nurture each other. Today's digital transformation is accessible to everyone.