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PapersPapers – Data & Innovation
1 June, 2022

Digital transformation in Education: a new teaching paradigm

This paper analyzes the main opportunities, cultural and technological barriers that educational entities face related to digital transformation.
EbooksEBooks - Data & Innovation
17 May, 2022

Blockchain: beyond crypto

Opportunities and challenges for companies that want to capitalize on this technology.
Transformación digital 2022EbooksEBooks – IT Consulting
31 March, 2022

Digital transformation: opportunities to boost business evolution in 2022

A review of the main technological trends and priorities that companies should consider for this year.
Data lakeEbooksEBooks - Data & Innovation
10 January, 2022

Data Lake, a lake of opportunities

What is a data lake and what benefits does it propose? Keys to converting data into knowledge.
EbooksEbooks - DevOps & Cloud
16 December, 2021

Agile & DevOps

A review of the meanings of each of these concepts, how they integrate with each other and what benefits they bring.
Tecnología y SaludPapersPapers - Data & Innovation
13 December, 2021

Technology and Health, healing industry pains

A document that delves into how automation, artificial intelligence, and big data take health systems to a whole new level.
big dataEbooksEBooks - Data & Innovation
20 September, 2021

Benefits of Big Data

How the capture, analysis and interpretation of large volumes of data positively impacts the way we attract and retain customers, gain efficiency and become more competitive.
PapersPapers - Data & Innovation
30 August, 2021

Financial Transformation

The impact of new technologies in the financial sector.
rpaEbooksEBooks – IT Consulting
15 March, 2021

Industry 4.0

A short tour with examples that will help you understand the fourth Industrial Revolution.
EbooksEbooks - DevOps & Cloud
22 July, 2020

AWS MIGRATION / Well Architected Framework

Phases, strategies and best practices in migration with the AWS Well Architected Framework.