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Scalable and safe remote work environments
for multiple sessions.


E-Working is the solution that combines our IT expertise with Windows Virtual Desktop in order to enable a safe remote work environment, providing users with the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 10 with the new scalable experience for multiple sessions and costs savings using the same Windows licenses.
Additionally, it allows you to manage your entire Windows Virtual Desktop deployment along with other Azure services in the Azure portal.


Access Windows 10 desktop and applications from anywhere and on any device.

With any device with an HTML5 web client, you can remotely connect to your business experience with Windows Virtual Desktop. IT professionals can choose any Azure Virtual Machines instance that meets the needs of teams and take advantage of Windows 10 for multi-sessions that only Azure offers. With Windows 10 for multiple sessions, you can easily run multiple simultaneous interactive user sessions with the same deployment for greater cost-effectiveness.

Seamless Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office experience.

It allows you to provide employees with the same experience as with a local desktop or laptop, whether it is managing your inbox with Outlook, sharing files on OneDrive, or collaborating with colleagues in Microsoft Teams meetings.

Costs reduction.

Virtual Desktop is a free service that you can use with your existing Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user license.
Reduce infrastructure costs by using properly sized virtual machines and shutting down those that are in use.
Increase the use of Windows 10 virtual machines for multiple sessions. Avoid upfront costs and adjust operating expenses for business use.
Plus, reduce management overhead by moving your entire VDI infrastructure to a managed cloud service.

Fast implementation and scale of solutions with the Azure portal.

Azure portal is the administration center for Windows Virtual Desktop.
Set up the network, deploy the desktop, and enable security with just a few clicks.
In addition, it allows you to configure auto-scaling with Logic Apps and manage images efficiently with the Azure Image Gallery.
Focus on policies and desktop apps while Azure handles the rest.


Maximum data security

In disruptions, the risk of endpoint attacks increases. For this, a solution like Citrix Apps Desktops is needed to secure each user.

Fast provisioning 

This solution allows provisioning of virtual desktops in a few minutes and in a simple way so that users can continue working with their applications and data as soon as possible.

Continuity of service without disruption 

Companies that implement this solution are able to maintain service and productivity on any device even when a disruption occurs, such as a pandemic that forces remote work or an attack on the computer system.


Dynamic policy engines

Use conditional access to manage risk before granting users access to the Windows Virtual Desktop environment.

Set up multi-factor authentication for a safe login.

Protect your Azure infrastructure by enabling role-based access control (RBAC) and detect threats with Azure Security Center.


Take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop compliance certifications such as ISO 27001, 27018, and 27701, PCI, FedRAMP High for Business Cloud, and HIPAA.

Built-in security

Securely store all company and employee data in Azure instead of local desktops.

Take advantage of Azure’s security offering, including Azure Firewall, Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and Microsoft Defender ATP, for comprehensive security from endpoint to application.


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