Nubiral Cloud Stages

Whatever the stage of adoption of your company, we’ll help to define your cloud roadmap: plan, migrate, optimize and secure; the way to the cloud. Then we´ll work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions.  

Stage 1


It Doesn't Matter Where You Are, but Where You Want to Go.

Maximizing the benefits of the cloud means something unique for each organization. Proper initial planning is always necessary to set short and medium-term goals. Also, to analyze the current and establish future technology mapping, as well as identifing which resources could be easily integrated to the cloud; will help our team to determine the most accurate provider for your project (AWS, AZURE, ORACLE, etc.) and set a well-managed implementation plan with strong deadlines and budgets.

Stage 2


Taking Action

Migrating all, or just a part of IT operation to the cloud require dedicated resources and task-committed experts. Our entire team works side by side with your IT experts to make this migration a great success.

We are well aware of the critical value of every application and system in the operation of your business, so we do our best to make the cloud migration process an enormous accomplishment.

Stage 3


Boosting the Power of the Cloud.

If your company has already started its migration process to the cloud, Nubiral can improve its architecture, focusing on the reduction of management costs, also optimizing human and technological resources.  

After identifying your business needs and the way that they impact in the cloud; we proceed to optimize processes, applications and servers . Our team will bringing out its maximum potential. 

Stage 4


Protecting the Most Valuable Assets of Your Business.

We implement tested and reliable plans to protect your applications, data and users. Through tests that detect potential security threats and vulnerabilities, we implement the accurate solutions to prevent any kind of attack.

This will secure your journey through the cloud.

Success Case


Managing E-commerce Services 24x7

Creation of a managed services model based on the sensorization of their platform.

Success Case

América Móvil

Zabbix Monitoring Solution

Together with the Claro Video team, NUBIRAL deployed a Zabbix monitoring solution, specially designed to suit their platform’s needs.

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