Nubiral is formed by a highly experienced technology experts team. 

Day by day we work in a dynamic and collaborative way, trying to understand our customers’ needs and develop a valuable solutions to simplify people and customers lives through digital transformation. 

Only our team can make that possible! 

We are part of a generation that believes that our work has a specific purpose in life, based on values associated with service, diversity , creativity, fun and teamwork.

We are what we call the “Nubiral Generation”, and for this reason, our employees are an essential part of our past, present and future.

Join us!

Nubiral Generation

Send us your professional background today and join the Nubiral Generation.

Flexible working environment

Collaborative team working

Work-Life balance

Employee training & development programs

Soft-Landing after returning from licenses

Special days celebration

Continuous skills development and training

Comprehensive Private Health Insurance

Cool perks such as Nespresso coffee every day, fresh fruit on thursday, beers on Fridays

Job opportunities

DevOps Sysadmin

Desired skills: Linux System Administration, Cloud platform as AWS, GCP, Azure; Containers: openshift; Kubernetes, Docker; Openstack, Python, Apache/Node.js, Nginx, Redis, MongoDB, Jenkins.

Service Delivery Manager

Desired skills: technical and management expertise, AGILE, AWS, ITIL, Redis, MongoDB, Linux, Apache, Kubernetes.

Tech Leader

Desired skills: Customer approach focused on local and international challenges, OpenSource technology management, review of requirements and implementation of solutions to assist the pre-sales team. Demonstrable experience in management and leadership in a dynamic working environment. Understanding and extending inherent technology.

Send us your professional background today and join the Nubiral Generation.